July 2021

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Dear Friends                                                                                                                                       


Rainbow family wishes you good health and peace in the grace of the Lord who transcends all earthly Circumstances. Under the umbrella of His grace and gift of scripture, our Rainbow Family that is going through a healing process in which we are abundant in freedom and in Thanksgiving would like to offer our greetings to you and yours. 


Last month, 28 year old single mother Lexus and her two sons, Mason who is 8 years old and Isaiah who is 6 years old, joined our family. Lexus shared that her family is still living in an Indian Village in South Dakota. She also shared that she has two daughters, but due to addiction complications are currently with their father. She hasn’t seen them for a long time. Last week, she was able to bring back her sons who were being cared for by her mother. She is very thankful that the Lord led her to our ministry as she is able to live with her children. With a grateful heart, she has accepted the Lord as her Savior. I thank the Lord who utilizes our precious supporters and our ministry. We ask for prayers and support for Lexus’s family. 

I would like to introduce 28 year old single mother, Christina. She suffered from addiction because it was so hard for her to spend time away with her daughter who is already 15 and lived with her father. She shared how she met a wonderful person at church and was able to live with them. However, when she wanted to bring her daughter, they suggested that she move out. She prayed earnestly to the Lord asking Him to guide her to a place where she can live with her daughter. Due to Covid restrictions, she was only recently able to join our family. She is constantly giving thanks to the Lord who provided the space for her to live with her daughter. We are in desperate need of support and prayers. 

Additionally, 29 year old single mother Lauren has also joined our family. She shared she is originally from Tennessee and had lost everything due to her addiction problems. In the second week of July, she is going back to Tennessee to see if it is possible to bring her kids back to California with her. We ask for all your prayers. 

I have been in this ministry for 20 years, and I have learned that everyone, regardless of skin color, language, or age, needs a savior. I also learned that the Lord wants to use those of us who have already been saved to save others who have yet accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. I praise the Lord who uses friends like you and myself as a channel of blessing. 

As we are starting our Summer and After School Program on July 8th, we ask all our supporters for material donations and prayers. Thank you!! 

2 Corinthians 6:10

“sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.”


I pray and bless that the grace and the blessing of peace will always be present in your families, churches, businesses, and ministries.


Because He lives,



Liz Lee / Director of RFI