Support Groups


MD, Dong Lee, Soo Lee , Sandy Lee, Susie Choi , Meenah Won , Jonathan Quinn,
Rev. John &Elsie Benton, E.K.Ban, Sylvia Kim, Bo Park, Kyungmee Lee, Je Sun Oh

Financial Support Groups

Won Foundation, Torrance Good Shepherd Church , Young Nak Celebration Church,
Thanksgiving Church,Comfort Inn, BNEL. Inc, Walter Hoving Home, L.A Southwest Church,
Edison, Global Children Foundation, Yosemite Valley Beef, Duranno Mission Church,
Sehan Evangelical Church Of America,
Good Shepherd Word Mission Church,Korean Church Of Southwest L.A, New Hope Church,
Midori sushi Restaurant, Torrance Group, The Penlel Mission Inc.,
California Foundation for Stronger Communities, Sunny Foundation, ALL Mission, Open Bank,
Park Plaza Loge Hotel Corporation,James L. Stamps Foundation Inc.,
American International Line Inc., Meeting Professionals International,
Temecula Valley Korean Presbyterian Church, All Together, Paul S. Joo CPA,
PTL Freight Forwarders, ANC Inland Campus, L.A Global Mission Church ,
USA Kenmore Property LLC, Seol Ak San Inc., FITI USA, INC.,
WASECA Corporation, R.M.cubic ziroconia INC., L.A Korean Consulate General, ENC, INC.,
Turbo Charitable Foundation, Biho Cha CPA, Esse Clothing, Tora Sea Food Buffet