About Us


Director’s Message

“To Help Women And Children With Today’s Life Struggles.”

lizMy commitment toward helping women and children through today’s life struggles began one summer day in New York while ministering at the Bedford Maximum Security Women’s Prison. My heart ached in pain and compassion when I witnessed the interaction between the women in prison and their children during the family visit time. In the midst of unceasing tears, I asked God to use me as servant to bring the living hope of heaven to women and children in unfortunate circumstances. God allowed this prayer to actualize in 2003 through the inception of Rainbow Family Ministry at 207 S. Edward Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833. where women and children can be reunited and be restored.” I give all the glory to God for his grace and strength as I serve each day to promote life-changing transformation through the power of His Word and His unconditional Love.

I will plant her for myself in the land. “I will show my love to the one I called “Not my love one.” I will say to those called “Not my people” and they will say, “You are my God.” (Hosea 2:23)

Because He Lives,
Liz Lee


Chairperson of the board

  • Dong Lee, MD (Dong Lee MD Inc.)
  • Soo Lee (Social Worker)

Board of Directors

  • Meenah Won (Founder of Won Foundation)
  • Sandy Lee (Chief Operations Officer at Antioch University Los Angeles)
  • Susie Choi (Vice President of Comerica Bank)
  • E. K Ban (Yosemite Valley Beef Distributors, LLC)
  • Sylvia Kim (American International Line, INC.)
  • Jason oh
  • Jonathan Quinn (Navy Seals of United States Navy)
  • John & Margaret  Benton (Founder of Walter Hoving Hom)

Who is Rainbow Family?

etc2Rainbow Family Ministry is a program designed to help women and children with today’s life struggles. Many women are left with the responsibility of raising children alone due to absent fathers.

Our purpose is to minister to these women and children so they can become whole again. We teach them how to become victorious Christians by showing them who they are in Christ.
Rainbow Family Ministry is a twelve month residential Rehabilitation program structured to provide restoration for women and children, which prepares them for re-entrance in to society. RFM’s primary goal is transformation of harmful additive habits, to a healthier way of life through the implementation of strong Christian values. Twenty four hour counseling and supervision creates a climate of discipline and clear boundaries which ensures success rate for the residents. Additional classes such as: Parenting classes, GED, Career development, and drug rehabilitation are provided. Will you join in our mission to put broken lives back together?

 Services Offerd

  • A loving home enviornment
  • Daily Family Education
  • Family And Individual Counseling
  • Child Care For Working Mothers
  • Parenting Classes / 12 Step Classes
  • GED Classes / Career Development Classes
  • Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Classes
  • Quality Family Time And Interaction
  • Celebrate Recovery Classes


etc3Dr. John Benton, Founder And President, Walter Hoving Home
“I am so pleased and impressed by the work that Rainbow Family Ministry is doing in God’s name. RFM is a partner program with Walter Hoving Home, and under the guidance and direction of Liz Lee, is paving the way for reaching out to mothers and children affected by drug and alcohol addiction. At RFM, shattered families and lives are given a chance to rebuild and repair in a safe and nurturing home?one that is filled with the holy spirit and God’s warm embrace.”

Lauren Chang
“It’s been a tremendous blessing and a privilege to know Ms. Lee (you can change your title and name, didn’t know what would be appropriate) and the staff at Rainbow Family Ministry. It is a unique ministry for women in crisis where they can be reunited with their children in a safe and nurturing environment. RFM offers hope for a better future through Christ-centered counseling and life training, including chances for vocational training. Over the past several years, I’ve seen women turn their lives around with hard work and support of the staff who tirelessly work to serve them.”

Meenah Won, Founder, AGACI Foundation
“Over the years, I have witnessed Rainbow Family Ministry transform the lives of many single mothers. The opportunity these ladies have to reunite with their children can only be obtained through the grace of God, and RFM provides the stability and values that lead to a healthier, and more spiritual relationship in the family, and with Christ.”

etc1Peter Taeho Bae, Senior Pastor Of Hosanna Church Rev.  She started to attend Hossanna Church which she had knew through Walter Hoving Home in June of 1997. She made great efforts to serve the Lord with all her strength because she realized she had waisted the great length or her life without Jesus Christ and his kingdom. Her genuine passion for the Lord had moved many Christian brothers and sisters.

She has helped and counseled many of those who have been through substance additions such as drug and alcohol with her experience as well as God’s love. Especially, she has shown a special gift toward the service for underprivileged women. Furthermore, she had taken good care of one disabled girl over on year with sacrificial love.

I believe she will make great contribution for the kingdom of God. She has great assent of the various experiences in the society as well as in the church. In addition, she has a great passion and love toward the Lord as well as the people.