Desember 2013

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Dear friends,


How are you doing? Greetings to you from the Rainbow Family in the name of our Lord.


We bring praises to our Lord who made us realize our calling in His love and grace and allowed us to pray together with the supports and to see the fruits of the gospel in the lives of many.

The year 2013 was our Rainbow Family Ministry 10th year anniversary and the year God bestowed His blessings to all RFM family members and the children attending our after school program.

We give thanks to Jehovah Jireh, our God the Provider.


As our ministry continues to expand, our financial burdens become heavier, but God allowed to open my spiritual eyes to see the miracles in the future and keep me humble and obedient to his will.

I am amazed to see God’s working hands through the help of our friends like you and I thank God for you.


This year’s Thanks Giving day was a special one, because Dr. Dong Lee and his wife Soo Lee gave away Many turkeys and all the trimmings for turkey dinner and even baked delicious pumpkin pies to share with the neighbors and the children who come to our after school program . My heart rejoiced because God answered my prayer through the helping hands of this couple that I was able to touch the lives of many more families in need.


The young children raised by single moms are internally wounded and often have anger burst and low self esteem. They also academically perform at a low level than their counterparts. However, at our RFM, through our after school program especially an art therapy program run by Mrs. Chung Bo Kyung, they regain their self esteem and begin to show signs of healing and Improvements in there behaviors. Thank God for her dedication.

I’d like to ask for your continual support as I make every effort to feed and raise these young children to become a future Ambassador of Jesus Christ in this world.

There are many more children making the Christmas present request made to Jesus this year I need your help!!


As a sequel of “The Beautiful Story”, the students at Sunny Hill High School in Fullerton performed “Recycling” and collected revenue and bought school supplies, bag packs and snacks for these children.

Thank you for your sacrifice and generous donations.


I promise with your prayer and support , I will continue to spread the great love of Jesus both in season and out of season with all my strength.


Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” (Luke 2: 14)


I pray the joy of the Christmas and living hope of miracles and blessings are with you and yours in this glorious season.


Because He lives,


Liz Lee, Director of RFM