February 2020

               Jessi Family                            Granada Hill church                Rev. Jung Chan Kim and Mrs.

Dear friends


Magpie, Magpie’s new year’s day was yesterday and our, our new year’s day is today…[translated Korean song for Korean New Year]

How are you doing during this season of climate change? Pursuing a new life under the Lord’s love and grace, Rainbow Family is offering our Chinese New Year’s greetings.

I would like to introduce a new family joined us this month: Jessi along with her three years old son, Joseph, and her newborn, Janice. The year that Joseph turned one, Jessi, who had not yet finished her drug rehabilitation education, returned to the father of her kids who was struggling with drug addictions. After she gained all her old habits back where in the process she lost her self-esteem and health, she returned to Rainbow Family. She is planning on receiving a year of rehabilitation education and has also stated that she is going to part ways with her children’s father. Looking at her determination, I am sure that she will change her ways this time. I ask for many prayers for Jessi’s family.

Last month we visited Granada Hill church pastored by Rev. Dong Hem Baek and had a great communion.

I praise the Lord that we were able to experience the Lord’s community that has been set apart from this dry and parched world.

Last week, I received a lot of advice and support from Pastor Jung Chan Kim and his wife while discussing the plans for the celebration of our 17th anniversary that is to be held on March 15th Sunday evening at 5:00 pm. I am very grateful that the Pastor and his wife always provided us with space and for their continuous support.

R.F.I. after school program, there have been some things that I have noticed among the kids. Rugged faces are now beaming with smiles and performances in schools have improved.

I pray that through God’s love, our kids can become even healthier and stronger second generation Christians and be great contributions to the Society in the future.

I would like to deeply bow my head in thanksgiving to our faithful friends like you who are pushing for a more faithful future generation by supporting and serving our ministry.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

I pray and bless that the grace and the blessing of peace will always be present in your families, churches, businesses, and ministries.

Because He lives,




Liz Lee / Director of RFI