Hello my name is Jennifer Massey

Picture_422Hello my name is Jennifer Massey.  I am 28 years old.  I was born and raised in Orange County.  I have two sons, Adrian, thirteen and Jacob five years old.  I grew up in an abusive household, with two sisters and one brother.  I had Adrian at the age of fourteen years old.  It was very hard having a child so young.   Caring for a young child so early made me wants to go out and have fun.   I lost him at the age of sixteen.  I fought to get him back but at the same time I was still partying, not thinking about the consequences of my actions.  By the grace of God when he went up for adoption he was adopted by my immediate family.  It hurt me so much that I got even deeper into my addiction.  Then at the age of twenty my boyfriend shot himself.  Then I found myself doing more drugs.  Then my addiction led me in and out of jail to the point where I was throwing my life away.  My family started to resent me.  Because I didn’t care anymore about my life, all I cared about was drugs and where my next high was coming from.  My five year old son went through everything with me from sleeping in cars to staying in hotels.  I myself became an abusive parent toward my son.  Then finally the last time I went to jail which was in May 2009.  I did three months housed in IRC Mod N31.  That was the longest time that I was away from my son Jacob.  Then reality hit me.  There was a woman by the name of Liz Lee who came to speak about the Lord at the Orange County Jail.  She spoke about Rainbow Family Ministry.  I was so inspired that it gave me hope.  So I gave her a call and she mailed me an application and I responded back.  And I prayed so hard to get in the program because I knew that if I didn’t I was just going to go back into my old ways.  And on the day I got out which was June 23rd 2009, I called Ms. Lee to let her know I had been released from jail and I was still interested in coming to the program.  She came and picked up Jacob and myself immediately.  I have been part of Rainbow Family Ministry for the past five months. It has brought me and Jacob so much closer because of my personal relationship with the Lord.  Now I will be starting school for medical assistant this month.  I want a new way of life with my son Jacob. Through reading the bible and learning God’s word, he will direct me down the right path.  So just remember never to give up hope.  God is the way.  If you ask you shall receive.

Mark 4:10

Jesus said to him away from me Satan.  For it is written worship the Lord your God and serve him only.