May 2014

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Justine                           RFM afterschool children             Kathy Chang and friends

Dear Friends


I hope and pray all is well with you. RFM families greet you in the name of our Lord.

We send our deep condolences to families who lost their loved ones in a sunken ferry, Sewol, a 6,300-ton vessel at sea off the coast of South Korea. We pray for God’s comfort to touch the families as the nation wallows in shame and guilt.

I want to introduce Justin, 18 year old girl, came to our home last month. When she turned 9 years old she was put into a various foster homes until she became 18. When she turned 18 she was forced out of the foster home and became homeless. But by the help of her Korean high school friend she found RFM and now she’s our family member. She stated registered to a military in order to escape homeless. While she is waiting to inter in to the Army, I told her “come and stay at RFM any time and this home is your home and we are your family from now on…” she was so thankful with tears. I’d like to ask for your prayer and support for Justin that she would find healing and reconciliation in her relationships by the true love of Christ and become a physically and spiritually strong God’s child to live a victorious Christian life.

All our RFM afterschool children are being taken good care with healthy meals and the days are filled with activities and now they show big smiles on their faces and plays hard every day. I continue to ask you to take part in the building extension project for our afterschool program that the children would continue to receive help on their homework by volunteers, art classes by Jung Bo Kyoung, music lesson by Livingstone, and Bible verse memory activities and many more so that they would experience the love of Christ and grow in the knowledge of saving grace.

I thank you from bottom of my heart for your love and generous contribution, but we have long way to go to start construction. Partner with us to reach out to the community and these precious children.

We give all glory to God our Father for using RFM to be a channel of blessing.

Easter week Kathy Chang and friends visited our home and brought food for Easter dinner.

They even decided to cook meals once a month to serve our afterschool children. We thank them for their love.

On May 10th, we are going to kick off “Walkathon”. It is one of our RFM annual fundraising activity that the participants will walk 50 blocks of our city. Please be a sponsor for this event.

John 13:34

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

I pray May His resurrection power be with you and your church, family, ministry, and workplaces always.

Because he lives,




Liz Lee / Director of RFM