January 2014

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Happy New Year!!

 The RFM families wish you a happy new year with God’s grace and blessings.

We experienced Christ’s love poured out to our Home,  we received the Christmas gifts and toys through the hands of the supporters, local church members, Sunny Hill High school students and the city policemen.

On Christmas Eve afternoon, RFM had a wonderful birthday party for Jesus. not only our rainbow families but those who already have graduated from our rehab program and the families who leaving in the motels came to celebrate with us. We served Christmas meals for them and lots of Christmas gifts for the moms and the children. Jason Kim and his wife came and took family photos and printed out to each family and lighten up their hearts with Christmas joy and warmth. We were able to give 15pound bags of rice and baby items and leaving supplies donated to us by the Global Children Foundation.  We thank God for he’s faithfulness and love.   

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and financial support.

We had record number of visitors this year so we had to set up tables to celebrate the birth of Jesus out on our front lawn.  We ask for your prayer and support to expand our facility that we can have celebration inside our building in 2014.  Our deepest thanks to RFM Board members for there labor and financial support on this Christmas.

Young nak Celebration church along with several other church came together as a volunteer group to clean up our garage.  Special hanks to those young people of 2nd generation; it was a great joy to expect greater things to come through these young servants of God.

The year 2013 was our RFM 10th anniversary. 

It is no doubt that God allowed this mercy ministry with many partners and supporters to grow and touch the lives of many in His faithfulness and infinite love and grace.

Our free Summer school program was possible through Edison Electric Co, Open Bank and Mr. Hah Sang Bok and many other supporters.  And Jonathan Home Mission center completed its repair and remodeling by the donation through the fashion show led by Young nak Celebration church.  And we were able to have 10th anniversary thanksgiving praise sponsored by Calvary Presbyterian church.

On Thanksgiving, Dr. Lee Dong Ill and Mr. Lee Soo  donated all materials and food needed to make a turkey dinner for many in our neighborhood families

We are currently offering a free after school program including dinner for our Rainbow School kids.  I can’t do this without help from friends like you!!

I’d like to ask you to help RFM continue in 2014 do the work of evangelism all the more in the home and the society by spreading the gospel message and sharing the love of Christ.

We pray for you and bless you our partners that as we continue to have a dream and vision together for New Year,

God would pour out his blessings on your family, church, business, and ministry.

Psalms 81:10

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt.

Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.”

I pray big dreams that you have for “2014  will all come true because we serve a big God.

Because he lives,

Liz Lee / Director of RFM